Low Voltage System

Specializing in Commercial Properties & Multi-Family Housing Projects
Positive Energy provides all low voltage services for both new construction projects and existing facility retrofits. We offer both Labor Only and Turn-Key Solutions for our customers and our flexibility in this area has been well-received by our clients. Find out more about our Low Voltage Services below.

Keyless Entry Systems

Our services include both new construction projects and retrofit of existing building Keyless Entry Systems. A Keyless Entry System enables our customers to use electronic locks to control access to their buildings without using traditional mechanical key. The system allows tracking of occupant’s movement throughout the facility, This adds a level of safety and security to our customers properties.

Security Cameras

Video Surveillance enables our customers to monitor movement throughout the facility. Our clients find many uses for this technology depending on their business activity. If safety is a concern at your facility, please contact us to tailor a system that will meet your safety and budget requirements.

Cable TV/ Internet / Phone Infrastructure Systems

We specialize in providing Cable TV, Internet and Phone hard wired services. This enables our customers to then select an outside service provider that best suits their needs.

Wifi Installation

Wi-Fi is a method by which devices such as smartphones, laptops, desktops and smart devices such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa can connect with local internet provider. Wi-Fi in our experience has added a level of both convenient and countless benefits to our customers properties. These systems can be installed both indoor and outdoor.